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Black Hole Cold Brew’s big bang happened beneath the starry skies of Big Bend, out near Marfa, a Texas town that thinks Austin is too mainstream.

It was 2010, and in a moment of cosmic coincidence, our founders stopped into a local coffee shop/roaster for a quick cup and wound up discovering the only coffee beans that meet Black Hole’s exacting standards.

On the spot, the founders forged a partnership with Big Bend Coffee Roasters to bring distinctive blends of beans to Houston and beyond. For over a decade, Big Bend Coffee Roasters has used ethically sourced, organic, fair-trade beans to create exceptional single bean and blended coffees.

After being subjected to Big Bend’s fastidious roasting procedures, the beans undergo Black Hole’s unique 24-hour brewing process. This intensive, double-filtration technique utilizes only the finest, precision ground beans to produce each batch of coffee and coffee concentrate. Our high standards and longer brewing times reduce the coffee beans’ natural acidity, which results in a smoother, more full-bodied cup of coffee.

Black Hole Cold Brew began as an exclusive, boutique product only available at select Houston food and drink establishments. However, a successful word of mouth campaign resulted in rapid growth in consumer demand and pushed our products into a wider distribution network.

Since our founding, we have listened to multiple suggestions to diversify into everything from ice tea to sandwiches, but our selective product line is an extension of our philosophy that it is better to do one thing well than do many things poorly.

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