While there’s nothing wrong with the traditional method of brewing ground beans in water at 212° Fahrenheit (100° Celsius—boiling), science has proven that the process of heating up coffee grounds actually damages the flavors of the coffee bean. The thermal expansion of the coffee compounds caused by the rapid heating and cooling of coffee can destroy or irreversibly alter some of the coffee bean’s more subtle flavors, such as citrus, which can create what some describe as a “one-note experience.”

Conversely, steeping coffee with no external heat over an extended period of time helps stabilize the various lipids, proteins, and amino acids found in the coffee bean. Additionally, the stabilization of the chemical compounds preserves our distinctive blend’s particular flavor profile and aromatic essence. Through rigorous trial-and-error, Black Hole Cold Brew has determined the optimal balance of temperature, time, and ratio in order to arrive at a unique and exquisite cup of coffee.

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