Coffee Concentrate

The 32-ounce bottles of concentrated coffee, our first and most recognizable product, are the neutron stars of Black Hole Cold Brew.

However, unlike the celestial bodies, our low-acid coffee concentrate can be mixed to taste.

Our coffee concentrate will always be perfect with cool water, warm water, or milk—hot or cold. Nonetheless, since its introduction, Black Hole concentrate has developed a robust life as a key ingredient for cocktails, smoothies, and protein shakes.

Our concentrate is also a central component in one of Houston’s finest vegan snack bars. Check our recipe page for the data.

Ready To Drink

Look, we get it, not everyone has the time to make a pot of coffee every day (even if you’re just mixing our concentrate with water or milk). Sometimes, it’s just grab and go on the way out the door.

That’s why, given the success of our coffee concentrate, we expanded our line to include two delicious ready-to-drink varieties: Original and Cinnamon Vanilla, both available in convenient 12-ounce bottles.

These amber bottles are perfect to keep at home or at work: they’ll shake off the morning blahs and provide an afternoon pick-me-up…just the thing to help cope with a hectic schedule.

The bottles even fit conveniently in your vehicle’s cup-holder.


While the cultivation of coffee is over 1,000 years old, nitrogen-infused cold brew is a fairly recent invention.

By percolating nitrogen molecules through our coffee and pressurizing the solution, Black Hole Cold Brew is able to achieve a foamy head and an enviable cascade on each and every draught.

Additionally, the introduction of nitrogen to our coffee helps protect the subtlety and complexity of our uniquely roasted beans. The nitrogen aeration process also ensures a smooth, creamy pour that creates a deep amber color and a noticeably sweeter taste than that of most cold brew coffees.

Indeed, some fans claim that Black Hole Cold Brew Nitro has an almost chocolate flavor.

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